All you need to know about Mid-roll videos

Posted on Nov 12, 2018
By Gaurav Aidasani

You’re watching a really cool video on a fun winter activity, and suddenly in the middle of it all, an ad for a winter jacket pops up. Then, you’re watching a video on photography and an ad for a camera pops up. You have likely experienced this at one point or another, haven’t you?  This is what mid-roll videos are all about.

Mid-roll videos are the ones that play in the middle of your video content, rather than before or after. This not-so-famous type of ad shot to fame and surpassed pre-roll ads by achieving 90% completion rates. A good mid-roll ad is one that is viewed to completion. Many-a-times, your viewer is so engrossed in the video that they don’t mind watching the ad till the end. Unlike pre and post roll videos where ads can be skipped, here the user is already engrossed in the content so does not mind watching the ad in order to get back to the rest of the video. TV ads are similar to what mid-roll ads – both are shown in the middle of your content. 

However, while these videos maybe a great way to capture attention, they can also be very annoying if done poorly. Mid-roll ads can have a negative impact on people who don’t like to be interrupted while browsing. Since the user is engrossed in the video, a mid-roll ad can break his link and lead to a bad user experience. 

In order to avoid these problems, it is important to decide the correct placement of your ad. Not just that, identifying the right channel is just as important. Also, ensure your ad content is engaging and good enough to capture instant attention.

Here are some practices to start with:  

1) Place your content appropriately:  

Ensure your ad is relevant to the content of the video. An irrelevant ad will surely lead to a bad experience and the user may want to skip the ad altogether. Understanding where your ad fits in is of utmost importance. Use ad breaks if necessary so you have more control over your mid-roll videos. 

2) Make your content relevant:  

In order to ensure you have relevant content on your ad, ask yourself the following:  

What is it that my target audience is looking for?  

Would a user watching this video like to watch my ad? 

What can I incorporate in my ad to ensure it captures attention?  

Is my content relevant to the video?  

Once you have these answers, creating content for your ad will become easy.  

3) Ensure your ad conveys positive messages:  
The main objective of a video campaign is to create brand awareness. However, advertisers should be cautious about the message they’re trying to convey. Nobody wants to watch an ad with a negative message. Think about how you would like your brand to be introduced to someone. An ad with a negative message will surely make the viewer skip the ad. That would definitely leave a bad taste and more so, a pathetic user experience. Identify your goal and think about how you can make a positive impression through your ad.  

While mid-roll ads may have a number of benefits; their downsides cannot go unnoticed. Their main disadvantages are:  

1) Interrupted user experience 

2) Low consumer tolerance  

3) Ad placements remain uncertain  

4) Affects revenue costs  

Mid-rolls, just like any other form, have their set of risks and rewards. While some publishers see it as a risk that could lead to an interrupted user experience, some get motivated to create appropriate and engaging content in order to achieve desired results.